Sonex’s goal from its get-go has been to provide a sustainable and healthier way of living. We value customer feedback and continuously improve by embracing areas of development, growth and learning. Time and time again we have improved our quality and standards because we understand that we are responsible for the outcomes of our decisions and we know it is because of our customers that we have been able to establish ourselves as a leader in the market.

The founder of our group was Mr. Nawab Din who started manufacturing of aluminum pots with low investment in the downtown area of Gujranwala in 1960. He and his two sons, Mr. Anayat Butt and Mr.Ikhlaq Butt worked hard day and night to manage the manufacturing and sales of the company all by themselves. Through continuous hard work and the blessing of Allah, they envisioned and made possible a company for themselves which they named as Sonex. Mr. Anayat Butt and his younger siblings, Mr. Azam Butt, Mr.Asif Butt and Mr. Qasim Butt joined in and continued to work towards excellence and taking the company to the standard it stands at now.

As the company grew, they added more value-added products to their range after analyzing market trends and customer evaluation. Initially, Sonex only manufactured aluminum pots but gradually started adopting a think outside the box strategy and started adding stainless steel cookware, non-stick, alloy coated cookware and the latest Die-cast cookware products.

After that Sonex started Sanitary Fitting Business, Ceramics Tiles and Electric Fan Business.All of these operated separately but under one umbrella as a family owned business. As far as Sonex Die Cast is concerned, this company is running by Mr. Ikhlaq Ahmad Butt, Mr. G. Dastgri Butt and Mr. Husnain Ikhlaq Butt.

The state-of-the-art technology embraced by Sonex in their Die Cast unit proves the company’s uniqueness and elevates the company to be the only cookware manufacturer in Pakistan that has that unit.

Sonex is a group of companies which serves the nation with a wide range of different products all planned and developed in Pakistan as well as abroad. If you want the best sustainable kitchen gear you know where to find us!